About us   ... Excellence, nothing else will do.

Sentinel Carriage Company is a small carriage company dedicated to providing the very best horse drawn services to Tucson's historic downtown. We are also able to bring the fun to other areas upon special request.                              

  We currently have two clydesdales and a percheron as the heart and hoof beat of our operations. Casey Dee and Patton are a fabulous young team, full of energy for a day's work in town or enjoying days off in the shade at home. We are pleased to drive them single or double at your event.

        At Sentinel Carriage we believe in the bond between horse and human, and are proud to bring the tradition of carting horses back to the city. To owner-operator Jane Stansbury, nothing is more fun than watching people's eyes light up when they  see a big happy working horse where they never expected one. Or the delight of a small child when the horses take their first steps on a ride.

A word about professionalism


I, Jane Stansbury have had the unique opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the professional driving horse industry. Including working under the president of CONA from the age of 18, the trainers and quality horses at 76 Carriage Company, and learning from notable master teamster Brett V. Barker. Driving horses (especially in a metropolitan setting) is a craft that can only be honed by years of thoughtful and hard work, all the while keeping in mind that there is always something to be learned from the horse. It took years to be ready to own my own company. 

 It is a great honor to work beside these creatures, their power and grace is captivating.
I strive for excellence in everything I do with them, from tours to weddings and special events.  It is my great pleasure to bring that expertise to Sentinel Carriage Company.

                ~ Jane

Sentinel Carriage Co. is a proud member of CONA!